Projects & Customers



Austrian Sustainability Index, ISIN AT0000496906, start 6/2005, concept and research rfu, index provider VBV-Vorsorgekasse, other partners RZB, Security KAG, calculation Vienna Stock Exchange


The CECE SRI (CECE Socially Responsible Investment), former CEE Responsible Investment Universe, ISIN AT0000A0CFV1, first sustainability benchmark for Central and Eastern Europe, start 12/2008, concept and research rfu, index provider and calculation Vienna Stock Exchange

Investment Funds

Public- and other Investment funds

Oppenheim Ethik Bond Opportunities (Sal. Oppenheim), Macquarie Bonds High Quality,  Macquarie Sustainable Emerging Markets LC Bond Fund (Macquarie Investment Management Austria), Apollo Nachhaltig Global Bond, Spängler IQAM SparTrust M as well as a series of Special funds.

Pension Funds

APK Vorsorgekasse AG

Sustainable Investment concept of the APK SIGMA for the APK Vorsorgekasse Linz. As well as ongoing controlling and research.

BONUS Vorsorgekasse and Pensionskasse

Development and implementation of a sustainable investment concept for BONUS Pension Fund and BONUS income provision fund.

Valida Plus AG

Sustainable investment concept of Valida Plus AG (formerly ÖVK Vorsorgekasse), Vienna, one of the leading income provision funds in Austria, concept and research rfu, distinguished with the OGUT Label several times.

VBV Vorsorgekasse

Consulting VBV Vorsorgekasse, Austria’s leading income provision fund, by means of membership in the Ethical Advisory Board, etc.


Making sustainability portfolio analyses and audit reports within the OGUT Label for the majority of the Austrian income provision funds

Clerical & Social Organisation

Caritas Salzburg

Integration of ethical criteria in the investment process and ongoing portfolio controlling.

Archdiocese of Salzburg

Development of investment guidelines and ethical investment criteria as well as ongoing portfolio controlling.

Diocese Eisenstadt

Development of investment guidelines


Consulting for several public institutions and governmental related corporations concerning sustainability and sustainable investment.


Umweltzeichen für Nachhaltige Finanzprodukte

Audit reports for many funds and fund companies, e.g. Dexia Asset Management, ERSTE Sparinvest KAG, Sparkasse Oberösterreich KAG or 3 Banken Generali KAG

Certified Funds/ Austrian Ecolabel

OGUT Label

Participation in conceiving the label (Responsible Investment Standard)


e.g. conceiving the Austrian Environmental Label extended by adding aspects of sustainability, studying the basic conditions for labels for sustainable real-estate funds in Germany

Other Projects & Clients


Consultation and Training on Sustainable Investment.



Consultant of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation in the Gateway Project for processing the market for products from developing countries


Integration of ethical aspects in the informationsystem “sport clic” for sports associations and -clubs

Kommunalkredit Austria

Austrian special bank for public finance, consulting and facilitating the preparation of the first sustainability report and co-author


Numerous other projects and customers, above all from the fields of renewable energy, health and sports, environmental engineering, information technology, trade and financial service



“Ecological and Social Efficiency” – development of a model for rating corporate sustainability, among others with Vienna University of Economics and Business, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, etc., in the research programme “Fabrik der Zukunft“ of the Austrian Ministry of Technology

Environmental Label Plus

Extending the Austrian Environmental Label by adding aspects of sustainability for the Austrian Ministry of the Environment in the research programme “Fabrik der Zukunft“ of the Austrian Ministry of Technology


Basic requirements for the development of a sustainability focused real-estate fund in cooperation with Stuttgart University, TU Karlsruhe, WestLB, etc, in the course of a research programme of the German Federal Office for Construction and Regional Planning

Free Float and Investment Performance

Empirical capital market research for studying the effects of free float among Austrian companies on performance, own project, published in BankArchiv 5/2006

Teaching Assignments

Lehrgang CSR Management (Course CSR Management)

Post-graduate course of the FH of BFI Vienna, teaching and facilitating activities in the subject of Sustainable Investment

Lehrgang Sozialkapital (Course Social Capital)

Training course for corporate pension plans, Vienna, teaching activities in the subject of Sustainable Investment

Course for Financial Advisers

Preparatory course for the examination of financial advisers at the Economic Chamber Vienna, teaching and facilitating activities in the subject of Economics and Investment

Fachakademie für Finanzdienstleister (Academy for Financial Service Providers)

Academic course of the Economic Chamber Vienna and Vienna University, teaching and examining activities in the subjects of Fundamental Stock Analysis and Investment Funds


Guest lectures, e.g. at Zurich University or Vienna University of Economics and Business, co-organizer of the congress KlimaX 2006