Our Publications

CSR and financial ratings

Publishing House Springer Gabler, 2016, editor Heidrun E. Kopp. Conversation with Reinhard Friesenbichler about Sustainability Ratings in comparison.

CSR and Stakeholder Management

Publishing House Springer Gabler, 2016, editors Reinhard Altenburger, Roman H. Mesicek. Contribution: “Sustainability Research: Requirements for CSR and Stakeholder Management in Companies”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Publishing House Springer Gabler, 2015, editors Andreas Schneider and Rene Schmidpeter. Contribution: “Socially Responsible Investment”.

Ethics in management

Publishing House Orell Füssli, 2004, editor H. Ruh, M. Leisinger, with contributions by, among others, Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Stiglitz, our contribution to the topic of Ethical Investment

Free Float and Investment Performance

Bank Archiv No. 5/2006, contribution “Free Float and Investment Performance: Effects of Free Float on the Investment Targets System and the Austrian Free Float Paradoxon”

Money and ethics

Member in the editorial staff “Money and Ethics” of the weekly Börsen-Kurier, Vienna, with many contributions about the topics of Investment and Sustainability / Ethics

Ethical Investments

Publishing House of ÖGB, 2001, editors H. Sallmutter, F. Freyschlag, our contribution about the topic of Criteria of Ethical Investment


Many contributions by us and about us in newspapers, periodicals and journals in German speaking countries: Die Presse, Der Standard, trend, Börsen-Kurier, Finanz und Wirtschaft, Going Public, Wirtschaftsblatt,, ÖkoInvest, BörseExpress, Handelsblatt, Format, Privat Magazin, etc.


Market Overview Europe

The “European SRI Study”, which is published by Eurosif, appears every two years and gives an overview of sustainable investment in the most important European markets.

Market Overview US

The Social Investment Forum regularly publishes an overview of the SRI Market in the US as well as several other studies.

SRI in Emerging Markets

IFC offers a large range of downloadable studies, above all relating to the topic of Sustainability and Sustainable Investment in Asia and Emerging Markets, in general.

Moskowitz Prize

The Moskowitz Prize, which is awarded every year, rewards research work about the topic of SRI. The winning projects are available online.

SRI and Pension Funds

The UNEP Finance Initiative publishes several studies about the status and special responsibility of institutional investors – above all pension funds – in the field of SRI.

SRI and Real Estates

The UNEP Finance Initiative provides some studies about the topic of Sustainability and Sustainable Investment in the Real-Estate Industry.


An excellent overview is given by the website For example, the search for topics enables you to find studies about the topic of “SRI and Performance”.


Professional organizations and platforms

Several organizations represent and support the topic of sustainable investment on a national and international scale, promote internal and external dialogue and develop standards, quality requirements and informational bases.


rfu cooperates with several partner companies and organizations.