Asset Owners

Pension and Provident Funds

Pension funds (and similar institutions) have a broad responsibility regarding the investment of assets for employees. Typical services provided by rfu for these asset owners are initial portfolio checks with regard to sustainability, the development and implementation of sustainable investment concepts, continuous controlling and research as well as the collaboration on advisory boards.

Church Institutions, Welfare Institutions, Foundations

These institutions have an intrinsic social mission. This is supported by rfu among other services via an analysis of existing investments, the development of investment guidelines, the integration of ethical criteria in the investment process as well as continuous portfolio controllings.


They are serving the socially important role of risk transfer. Their responsibility in this is also linked to investing the cover pool reserve (“Deckungsstock”). Services provides by rfu include the analysis of the current state of portfolios, developing sustainable investment strategies and products as well as sustainability research and controlling.